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God of Apathy


Some were born of courage,
And some were born of grace.
Others felt of chivalry,
For these I bear distate.

My army's of a different breed.
Allow me to explain.
A tragedy is something done.
All work is to remain.

I call you out all children hail,
I am you're driving force.
I am your body, blood and soul,
I pave your living course.

I tell you what to do and think,
I dictate who you are.
I shed no tears nor mercy here,
I glorify my cause.

By telling you what not to do,
Be lax, be brave, be bold.
Amount to nothing and be proud,
Let apathy unfold.

Show the world what you're of,
Sit back and raise your feet.
Admit no effort, thought of work,
Or forever it be discreet.

Live your life and waste away,
Your oversight's extolled.
Turn your head and bring forth sin,
Upon your worthless soul.


Jeeves Kel

© 2000