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A Feather Off an Angel's Wing


I believe, I've retrieved,
What no one else has seen.
Something that's so beautiful,
It surely seems a dream.

To be real, is unreal,
When thinking of this kind.
Never could I have the sort,
Of luck that I'd find.

Something that, is in fact,
The truth in this cruel day.
I believe that I've retrieved,
A love that's bound to stay.

Thick and thin, love and sin,
No matter these are to me.
A feather off an angels wing,
Is what I've found you see.

Always will my love be true,
Through every lasting day.
Always will my heart want you,
In every loving way.

I never thought it possible,
This happiness you bring.
You truly are a gift from god,
Straight from an angel's wing.


Jeeves Kel

© 2000