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Dear God


I often find my head spinning,
With thoughts of divine fantods.
They say that in the beginning,
It was man who turned from GOD.
And so he did it while grinning,
And proudly knew he was through,
With goodness, now he had sinning.
Yes GOD we did turn from you.

We whirled our backs right around.
Damn, we did it so boldly.
Embracing the evil abound.
We spat at you so coldly.
Through lying was Lucifer crowned.
Pain and deciet would run wild.
United with Hell underground,
Brethren who have been beguiled.

We abandoned you in such haste,
Because you gave us free choice.
Your crying for us to stay chaste,
Was stifled by Satan's voice.
He tempted and gave us a taste,
Of how our lives would move on.
Now goodness does seem like such waste,
When pitted with Abaddon.

I revel in senseless heartache.
I batter and bruise then boast,
All things of the heavens are fake,
And when put in Hell will roast.
Oh Eve you were bit by the snake,
And did not know what to do.
Then next the venom did take,
And GOD, she did turn from you.


Jeeves Kel