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When God Sleeps


When God does lie his head down on his pillow at night to sleep,
You are what he finds inside his dreams.
A divine dream of wonderous things all made by God himself;
Chimera's running rampant through his mind.
Shining out with love and zeal while full of endless wealth,
Though, still you are the central piece it seems.
Dancing rampant with the angels; stepping in clouds kneedeep.
Such wonderous things! There's nothing one can't find.

When God does tire of toil and work and stops to rest a bit,
He leans back on his tool and thinks of you.
He thinks of all your clever traits; your laugh, your looks, your wit,
And all things right and joyous through the years.
Thinking hard, this god of ours; an idle deity,
Though, mindful of you while he's working too.
A magic place of luck and weal inside this fantasy,
Of magic people dancing without fears.



Jeeves Kel

© 2000