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I stared into your eyes and caressed your gentle skin.
A dream is what this has to be for sure.
I ran my hand through your hair and felt the quickened pace,
Of your heart upon my chest intwined forever more.

I heard your moaning body so content within my grasp.
A lustful time that's caught betwixt our hearts.
I rub your legs and lick your lips 'til seeming hours pass,
And coat your senses with my mind intwined we'll never part.

I felt the shivers in your back releasing up and down.
A momemt of this love is pricelessness.
To feel your skin upon my own is soothing like a spell
In this state our bodies so intwined and all is best.

I know that God has put me on this earth for many reasons,
So many of them just are not refined.
I see that as I'm living on I find so many pleasures,
But none so right to me than as to when we stay intwined.


Jeeves Kel

© 2000