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Moving On


As I cast my somber glance onto the midnight's swarthy stratus,
My memories fade and flitter just as doth a moribund ember.
I rest my head upon the sill as I'm glancing past the lattice.
Ataxic are the thoughts I think when trying to remember.

As days move on and the shadows fall my mind begins to fray,
From the thoughts that did once enchant this ever so sweet recall.
Now it seems to me what seems to be a mind is giving way.
I hearken to my memories lest amnesia conquer all.

As the nights move on through Apollo's will I note my lost esprit.
But vacillations in my thoughts will soon come to an end.
The eventide of tumultuous minds amidst this travesty,
Is gladly taken; forsaken path is left without amends.

As I cast my perky glance upon the noon suns lavish beam,
My fortune is enlightened with my future's newfound dawn.
I'm parting with my gripe filled ways, at least that's how it seems.
I've done my time and wept my tears now it's time to be moving on.


Jeeves Kel

© 2000