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Deep Under the Desert Sun


"Cut those stones, move those blocks,
I crack my whip in vain.
High it grows, up, up, up,
Through heat, through wind, through rain.

Seeming will the night soon come,
I'll find my time to die.
I've cracked my whip so endlessly,
For in my shrine I'll lie.

Build that ramp, stack those stones.
It must be done in haste.
Carve that edge, cut that rope,
We have no time to waste.

The pharaoh's word is complete power,
And I am the pharaoh now!
You'll do into the perdit hour,
My beck and call then bow.

It must be done, it simply must.
The pyramids of my reign.
I'll leave my mark, I simply must,
My life is soon to wane.

So in my last passing day,
My pyramid has been finished.
On my name is soon to live,
My soul will not diminish."

"Wrap him up, dry him out,
he is the pharaoh of old.
Pack him full of jewels and gems,
So on will live his soul.

Here's my beck and here's my call,
For I am the pharaoh now!
You'll work unto the perdit hour,
then you'll kneel and bow."


Jeeves Kel

© 2000