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Why not Red


So much of the time I see blue in the sky,
And I wonder, "Why not red?"
The blue that's so grand every day is more bland,
'Til monotony is the cause when I'm dead.

I always stare at the waves on the shore,
Always lapping in from the sea,
And always wonder if the fish way down under,
Are thinking the same things as me.

I see all these waves going in, going out.
That never halt, never stop, never stay.
It troubles my mind that they simply can't find,
Time to still in one moment, one day.

I stare at the leaves on the tree's in the fall,
And take in the wonderous change.
From green to red, keeping orange in close stead.
Still I wonder, what is so strange.

About making leaves blue, violet or black,
For a short or brief moment to stay.
If you only could see the world within me,
The hand of God I would touch and would sway.

I would make the grass white and the snow on it green,
While the indigo moon stretched for miles.
And of all things so rotten, I would have never forgotten,
To turn all the frowns into smiles.

Yet as I step back to see what I've done,
Anymore it just doesn't seem right.
But my whole life I've fought, I've dreamed and I've sought.
To bring what I've imagined to sight.

So why now that I've finally gotten my chance,
Do I sense that I've wronged my jihad?
Because an angel above lends these words filled with love,
"No one does a better job than God."


Jeeves Kel

© 2000