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My Right to Wrong


I know not how to love thee
Not with Flowers, nor Song, nor Dance.
Such common means of compliment could never express
My unique feelings towards thy presence.

I speak of them unique because no one has ever felt these feelings before myself.
Not a Man, nor Beast, nor Wraith.
My feelings for you are an insurmountable mountain
Stretched out afar, away from the clutches of reality.

As gloriously as my emotions flourish in love I still find it hard to express them.
Not a Poem, nor Book, nor Play,
could ever capture their grandeur and entice a mind
Into what would be an understanding of their beauty.

A debate rages in my mind.
I Sit, I Wonder, I Ponder.
If I know not how to love and hold thee right,
Then I will love and hold thee wrong with all of my heart.


Jeeves Kel

© 2000