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I thought I saw an angel when I glanced at you today.
Your beauty is forever known as mine.
Reflecting on the moment every time my eyes are closed.
No beauty of this earth compare's to thine.

I thought I heard an angel when I heard you sing today.
Your voice resounded deep within my heart.
I held the echo of the tender moment close inside.
A memory with which I'll never part.

I thought I felt an angel when I touched your skin today.
Your warmth omits perfection to the core.
I find now though I'm caught within the majesty of you.
Stay beauty in my grasp forever more.

I thought I loved an angel when I kissed your lips today.
Your soul is of the finest things so pure.
But looking back I start to see the truth that's coming clear.
It was an angel now I know for sure.


Jeeves Kel

© 2000