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True Justice


The feather'd touch of an angels wing,
Or the pure bodied nectar from a sweet bee's kiss,
With the pure hearted cry of a lost lovers wish,
Do injustice, a pleasant injustice, to you.

The gathered wild from a flowers boquet,
Or the bright shining moon in a star fevered sky,
With the misty lit rays of a suns morning rise,
Do injustice, a pleasant injustice, to you.

A part of your heart has been molding my soul,
Like the gaiety of when a paupers sight glows with gold.
It's tragically blissful this condition I hold,
With remorse and regret both since left in the cold.

From seconds to minutes with hours on end,
That same pauper smile is becoming my grin.
My dreams turn to wishes as lastly I spend,
The truth you create as a soul binding friend.

The sweet tasting joy from a tigers mourned tear,
Or the color of love from a blind minstrel's choir,
With the shimmer of elegance off the armor of squires,
Do injustice, a pleasant injustice, to you.

Only the length of a kiss off your beautiful lips,
Or the warmth of your grasp from an hour late love,
With the gentle caress seen in the eyes of a dove,
Do justice, true justice, to you.

Jeeves Kel

© 2000